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In this section you will find Biotechnology market research reports and publications. These provide information on the latest products, news, market growth forecasts, data and business opportunities of value to your organization.

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  1. Nordic Life Science Industry Guide 2008

    Published by BioSeeker Group on Mar 18th, 2008
    The "Nordic Life Science Industry Guide 2008" is a unique CD-ROM product that contains a searchable directory of 1,500 life science companies in Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden). Learn More

  2. Lymphoma Drug Development Strategies at Work - Define Your Competition

    Published by BioSeeker Group on Jun 22nd, 2009
    This report will be an important part of creating and implementing a market development plan for any lymphoma therapeutic drug to ensure that the optimal market conditions exist by the time the product is commercialized. Learn More

  3. European Biotech Industry Guide 2007, 5th Ed.

    Published by BioSeeker Group on Feb 7th, 2007
    This exciting intelligence CD-ROM on European biotech industry has become better, stronger and more intelligent in its 5th Edition. Learn More

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