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BioSeeker Consulting

BioSeeker provides independent and unbiased professional research and analysis services in and to the biotech and pharma industry world-wide. Our consultants are ready to serve you in both strategic and tactical situations. BioSeeker Group is superior in terms of advanced software/hardware in combination with our skill full personnel. BioSeeker has over the years build up strong in-house databases covering changes in the biotech & pharma world. With our methodology called BioStratDocā„¢, which is our prime tool in our 5 value creating steps in intelligence, we ensure you the very best performance of our personnel and accuracy in information retrieved and handled.

R&D Evaluation and Due Diligence

The strong scientific background of BioSeeker co-workers allows us to thoroughly investigate any R&D area within the biotech and pharma industry with retained professional experience and accuracy. BioSeeker digs into all from a single pipeline drug to world-wide R&D activities within a certain therapeutic focus. BioSeeker's research includes all from pure R&D activity data to intellectual property rights and communicated results through conferences and press releases etc. BioSeeker launches qualitative and quantitative interviews in fields where knowledge has not yet been harvested anywhere. Years of experience assist us in aggregating, structuring, analysing and finally presenting the most relevant information to you.

Competitor Analysis

A good competitive analysis includes both what competitors should do to succeed, and what they are likely to do. A significant component of understanding what they are likely to do is to know the competitive landscape which they operate in, style of the leaders and the culture of corporations. BioSeeker's vast amount of corporate information world-wide together with years of experience in analysing the industry allows us to perform high standard competitive analysis.

M&A Analysis and Partnership Analysis

The competitive landscape is in constant change. Whenever a merger, acquisition or a strategic partnership take place, competitive forces change. Each competitive landscape has leaders and laggards; leaders set the path and laggards follow. There are more followers than those who set the path. Who do you want to be? BioSeeker's aim is to keep our client's aware about how M&A and partnership change their competitive landscape and to suggest suitable M&A and partnership candidates for their businesses.

Customer Knowledge

As a consequence of BioSeeker's world-wide awareness in biotech and pharma industry, we are able to provide valuable services in locating B2B customers for a diverse range of products and services to this industry

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