Welcome to BioSeeker Group!

BioSeeker Group, headquartered in Sweden, is a leading pharmaceutical pipeline analytics company. As such we serve as an external commercial advocate for pharmaceutical companies’ pipeline and portfolio planning in oncology. Our high level data and analysis platform, 1stOncology™, is purposely aimed providing our clients with new perspectives in evaluating targeted therapies, personalized medicine and discovering new treatment paradigms in cancer. Our solutions, launched as smart desktop Apps or PDFs reports, provide systems, analytical and strategic support to various stakeholders within the company, may they be in R&D, Business Development, Commercial Planning or Global Marketing.

Our comprehensive solutions:

  • Deliver competitive input to the R&D organization to guide development
  • Uncover potential indication expansion areas for your drug portfolio
  • Identify licensing-, new business- and acquisition opportunities
  • Reveal repositioning opportunities for your older, shelved drugs

BioSeeker’s solutions are also available to you in custom specific consultancy assignments.