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With a daily stream of 3-500 corporate communications, clinical trials, conference abstracts, publications, journals, patents and financial records from more than 3,000 organizations, it is highly likely that 1stOncology™ reports on important opportunities and threats that you need to know about!

Now, this provides value in oncology for you in areas such as:

Target scouting

Indication selection & expansion

Combinatorial drug settings

Drug repositioning

First in class analysis

Compound cross over analysis

Competitive analysis

Pathway analysis

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You are guaranteed access to any new intelligence tools which are added to the 1stOncology™ product suite as they become available at no extra cost.

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Your starter license includes up to three different user logins per business, enough to get a small team started without the fuss of asking for a license extension as soon as you want to collaborate with other people in your company.

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For further information please review individual modules of the 1stOncology™ platform below which are also available as separate services:

With the Oncology Drug Pipeline Update™ module you will have online access to competitive drug information for almost 10,000 drugs across 200 indications in oncology via our intuitive guided searches, innovative filters, and the result presented in smart, online reports available for download.

Each drug profile is a synopsis of the history of the drug, from companies involved in the drug’s discovery and development, patent protection, target/ MoA, compound structures, indications in development, to details on discovery-stage, and pre-clinical data & clinical development, including ongoing & completed clinical trials. Learn more about the Drug Pipeline Update™ module.