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Our all inclusive intelligence platform 1stOncology™ includes a range of Analytical and Data driven reports/tools which provide our clients with new perspectives in evaluating targeted therapies, personalized medicine and discovering new treatment paradigms in cancer. We provide systems, analytical and strategic support to various stakeholders within our clients companies, may they be in R&D, Business Development, Commercial Planning or Global Marketing.

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Cancer Highlights
Cancer Highlights is a monthly in-depth analysis of a well-defined area in the oncology field. BioSeeker Group identifies and analyzes key oncology topics to keep, not just to keep you updated, but also to provide insights and improve your own business intelligence.
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Analytical Tool
BioSeeker takes ordinary business reports one big step further by combining our business reports with extensive research data presented to you via a Desktop App.
This product package is called Analytical Tool.
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Drug Pipeline Updates
Bioseeker Drug Pipeline Updates (D.P.U) serve executives in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and financial industries. Each D.P.U provides detailed, world-wide coverage of drug pipeline information for selected cancer indication areas or mechanism of action areas.
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Triple Analysis
BioSeeker's Triple Analysis reports allow you to combine three independent Cancer Focus Areas of your choice to act as a decision support tool for business development and pipeline portfolio management in oncology.

Learn more about BioSeeker's Triple Analysis in Oncology reports.
Oncology Drug Pathway Analyzer
The Oncology Drug Pathway Analyzer is an interactive high level data tool which allows you to perform instant, interactive pathway modeling on almost 3,000 cancer drugs across close to 90 different cancer types. The Oncology Drug Pathway Analyzer is a great facilitator to realize your position and options in drug development when utilizing pathways and it is available as Standard, Premium and Premium Online versions.
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